Welcome to my blog!

My birth name is Celestina but my mother opted to call me Tina. I’m 60 years old I have a husband, children and grandchildren. I’m and adventure traveller and the more I travel the more I seek to do things I never would have dreamed.

I’ve come into adventure travel in recent years, the first time in 2011 to Cornwall, UK a place I had longed to visit for almost 30 years and finally with my husband Peter’s blessing ventured into the world, on my own for the first time.

It’s been more than a world discovery, it’s been a self discovery, no longer constrained by people, culture or responsibilities for others and it has been invigorating at times and difficult even more times.

It’s not that I haven’t travelled up until that time, in fact I have travelled widely and seen more than most and a lot less than some. I’ve seen the very rich and opulence that is staggering and I have sat with the poorest of the poor, accepted whatever they have offered in hospitality, conversation whether we spoke the same language or not and emotionally.

What is adventure? It is whatever you deem it to be, but for me it is doing something that is so radical, something I could never imagine myself doing and yet I’m doing it. It is a dream or a nightmare and I am in it, feeling the adrenaline rushing through my body, the anxiety gripping my insides, the high that nothing else gives me.

If you have never been on one then let yourself go, enjoy; climb, run, hike, swim, row, whatever it is and let yourself fly.

See you on my next adventure!

A new Italian adventure in 2017