Antica Macelleria – Dario Cecchini – Panzano, Tuscany

Every space has a communal table. We descended two or three levels down to a small space where a table for 12 was set, ready and waiting for us. It had to be a cellar, stone walls and the usual vaulted roof, I imagine it’s a space restored, the original bricks curved where an arch might have been are still visible.

Currently there are 7 at our table, an Italian couple and a South African mature couple with an adult daughter who is currently living in London. In a short time we are joined by a couple from the Netherlands, must be newly weds they can’t keep their hands off each other, our final guests a delightful couple from Florence.

The menu though here in Solociccia is incredible and that’s why we are here. We’ve chosen the 30€ per head, right now with our shocking currency exchange rate that’s almost $60 AUD. It’s still a very reasonable price for an amazing degustation menu. We had been advised that the 50€ menu is huge and already I’m pleased for our choice.

Vibrant, generous bowls of crudités dressed the table to be dipped into the individual cups of seasoned light olive oil; paper bags kept bread chunks fresh.

We kicked off with an amuse bouche of consommé made from beef muzzle, sensational! Clear, resembling a chicken rather than beef broth, perfectly season that leaves you wanting more when you know perfectly well that a generous menu is ahead of us. The menu explored every area of beef, there are not enough adjectives to describe the taste sensations. So I’ll give you a quick run down.

  1. Consommé of beef muzzle
  2. Rosamarino in culo…a play on words translated to rosemary up the bum. ????
  3. Spicy ragú on toast
  4. Sopressata sliced very thin (a sausage made up of all the parts of the beast you never believe you will eat).
  5. White beans in extra virgin olive oil
  6. Arrosto del macellaio (butcher’s roast with a silky gravy)
  7. Tenerumi e insalata (boiled beef and vegetables)
  8. Palle de Medici ….(Q. what do you do when the last course is called Medici’s Balls?  A. reassure all the non Italian speaking guests that it’s not really testicles). However it is likely that the sopressata contained this delicacy. ????moooo!
  9. To finish, a plate of chunky cut olive oil cake, coffee (made with a macchinetta, none of this fancy ‘espresso machine’ stuff) and grappa.  Chianti was served with lunch of course and mineral water.

It’s precision stuff; a throng if people arrive flooding every area surrounding the restaurant. Wine and salami and chunks of bread  is available prior to sending guests scampering to their reserved tables. Within the two hours allocated for lunch all guests are disengorged to the street, beaming, whilst the staff are well underway clearing and resetting tables for the evening route.

Cecchini’s is closed just one day of the year. Christmas Day! I wonder if turkey is on the menu? If you haven’t been, put it on your Wishlist. I haven’t even told you about the drive, it’s glorious.

Thanks Dario!

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  1. Dario has a fine tuned menu! So pleased you got to enjoy…& the fun staff/servers! Luckily we parked in the lower car ???? park so had a gentle downhill walk after the sumptuous meal.
    Enjoy cinque Terre!

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