Villa Montelonti – wine and more food!

It’s a gorgeous villa I have to say. We have just one small portion of it. A gated apartment of three bedrooms, two bathrooms though only one has a shower, two living areas, two dining areas one is part of the kitchen, most importantly a laundry and a private garden. Every wall is covered in artwork or porcelain and old beaten copper pots. Every surface has something on it, a set of scales, a tureen, an old alarm clock covered with a glass cheese bell, glass decanters of all sizes, another bowl/vase of flowers.

The owners are moving in for a few months the day after we leave and seriously, looking at the furnishings, the flowers combined with the impending arrival we have surmised that the owners are English and they are spending summer months in England and winter in Tuscany. Well that just one storyline anyway.

Our plans are rather fluid, plans are made and broken, and new plans made. We lost half a day yesterday; our hired vehicle had a dead flat battery, it accounts for why the engine was left running in the parking lot at the Budget rental car office when the staff had gone for a two hour siesta. Of course they wouldn’t  admit it even after I reminded them. Not a high moment in our trip however we met a couple from Ballina, NSW who also meted out their own displeasure having had a flat tyre and associated issues. The fellow was tall, tall and big, large to match his height, overall making him a giant in my eyes. Such a funny man and he wasn’t even trying I’d hate to see him in an angry moment ….it would be a case of, fi, fie, foe, fum, whose the man man that stole my fun ????????????sorry I know a poor attempt at a joke.


It’s after 5pm the beautiful people hour, that period of time after siesta and before dinner. Houses are like vomitariums, people spilling out onto the streets and lanes, going somewhere wherever that may be.

There are a lot of dogs here and not a few cats. Surprisingly though there are a lot of Schnitzel dogs. Of course they’re not called Schnitzel dogs they are Daschunds but our Georgie says she wants one and will call it Schnitzel, so affectionately we have rebadged them. They’re cute, a lot of them are fat but I’m constantly concerned they are going to damage their undercarriage. These dogs sit perilously close to the ground.

Last night I made a killer pasta of salami, pancetta, left over uncooked veal, olives, onion, garlic, chilli ????, leftover pepperonata and passata. Tonight we are waiting in one of the many piazzas for Rosa (Rosemary) and Kim to return from their sojourn to visit one leaning tower in Pisa and then we’ll have dinner before returning home.

Tomorrow who knows where we will go but I can tell you we have a reservation at Cecchini from Chefs Table on Netflix or is it Stan, I can’t remember which, but I do know it will be memorable.

See you the other side of Cecchini!



One thought on “Villa Montelonti – wine and more food!”


    Are you kidding me???

    This is a word???
    Like “ad nuaseum” which means till you’re sick of it

    I didn’t know there were special places you could go to chuck?

    I thought city street, taxis, new carpet etc were for that purpose.
    VOMITORIUMS indeed!

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