Ciao della Toscana

Peter is ever the clown. He has the wickedest sense of humour, he certainly tickled Massimo’s funny bone but Mass got it, chiding Peter that he was affected by all the wine! ????Well he is still doing it. We’re on the bus to Siena. It was not planned, oh, the Siena part was, but not the bus! I just love the antics of the easy going Italians.

I’ll start by telling you our journey to Siena requires a train heading for Florence and a change of trains 7 “stops” not train stations, they have to be stops, to Chiusi, which means closed, then on the train to Siena. 9:00-10:40 Rome to Chiusi then 10:46-11:58 Chiusi to Siena. We had been assured the train waits for Siena bound passengers. Okay, got it!

I can assure you, that when a train runs 30 minutes late, the next train waits for no man. Plan B announcement, the first to be made in Italian and English…. “there will be a bus waiting to take you to Siena”.   Side note to my girls: Remember girls, “if you’re late you’ll be on the bus”, that’s a Dad warning his children all their school lives, ……….wonder who that could be.

We have a delightful bus driver, assuring everyone he will not leave without everyone who should be on the bus, is on the bus, but I love his conversation with another bus driver who he has roped into bussing another group of passengers who are bound for Montepulciano saving our guy time. I heard him saying, “grazie Massimo (coincidentally), you’ve saved my life, oh you saved my life, I’ll see you next time, we’ll have coffee together. Massimo you saved my life, grazie, grazie”.

Wow, are we so grateful when someone helps us?

You can imagine we are running horribly late which means we’ll be late to meet our host at the villa in Poggibonsi but it’s all part of the experience. Nothing a few text messages won’t fix. And you know  they say….. ‘never rains but it pours’, yes exactly, it’s raining and we walked 1 1/2 kms in the rain only to discover that the car hire place has closed for lunch and will reopen at 3pm…..that’s 1 1/2 hrs from now.

So in the meantime I’ll tell you that we have farewelled Rome for another year; I haven’t seen half of the things on my list, you know that means I’ll have to come back and maybe that’s the secret to ensuring we return.

Ciao from Villa Montelonti in Poggibonsi!

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