Italy Again

A Very Disordered Traveller!

Adelaide – 5 Days Out

It’s almost time to head north again. Where you say? Why, Italy of course!

I shouldn’t talk like that really, we’re about to embark on a 4 week excursion with our “Besties” Kim and Rosie Harris and I guess I’m the tour guide. We’ve talked about it for years, well, that time has arrived. It was decided 12 months ago when we were about to jump on the plane to England to walk the Lands End to John O’Groats route. There’s nothing like planning another holiday before taking the last.

Now I will say that I’m not accustomed to travelling with others, even though we won’t be sharing a tent or even a dormitory, being a good host and companion traveller requires good manners and compromise.

I have to tell you I’m totally disorganised. Arrrghhh! I’ve spent months working on an itinerary that will showcase the best of Italy from Sicily as far as Ventimiglia on the Ligurian coast and located just 20 miles (that’s what Ventimiglia means) from the French border. I’m still booking hire cars and train tickets and we leave in just over 5 days, I’ve even changed accommodation in Florence putting us in the heart of the historic city in adjacent the Uffizi.

Peter and I are working to the death knell, I hope they hold the plane doors open as we take a flying leap off the air bridge or the airside crew will be scraping us, arms and legs ‘spread eagle’ off the tarmac.

Singapore – 5 days later

We made it! It’s 11:42……. pm that is. Our flight leaves at 1:30……am that will be.

It’s 36 years since I’ve been to Singapore and heck I don’t need to even leave the airport, it’s a whole city in itself. We booked a room in the transit hotel thinking to catch up on much needed sleep between flights. Peter sold us short by an hour, he bought a new iPhone yesterday, Saturday, these are the things you do before you go away. Anyway, he is still struggling with stepping up to the XR and hasn’t quite worked out that “aeroplane mode” immobilises the phone, additionally he changed his wrist watch to the wrong time and couldn’t work out why his phone alarm didn’t wake us or for that matter why the concierge didn’t wake us at the agreed time.
At $140 AUD for 6 hours it the most expensive few hours sleep we have ever had!
Puts a different slant on renting a room by the hour!!!!

We’ll be boarding soon enough. Singapore Airlines….top notch, it’s my first time. Great plane, great crew, great everything. It’s going to be a great break.

I’ll write you from the other side. Follow us on our travels and feel free to leave a comment.

Ciao for now!

Celestina e Pietro

3 thoughts on “Italy Again”

  1. Looking forward to reading your blog especially as you will be visiting my hood. Enjoy la bellisima Sicily. Safe travels

  2. Hi Celeste & Piet! That’s one way to spend Father’s Day. Enjoy the spoils of that bellissimo country. I’ll have to close my eyes to feel the warmth of the Roman sun ☀️! Cheers ???? & Prosecco to you both. Love Lyn & Brenton xx

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